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George's story


No parent ever wants to hear the devastating news that their child has cancer, but unfortunately this was the heart breaking reality for the parents of young George.

Last year their bright and energetic 10 year old son was diagnosed with Peripheral T cell Lymphoma, a type of cancer of the lymphatic system deemed exceedingly rare in children.

The family’s main focus was getting George the right treatment as quickly as possible and to support him and his younger brother Charlie.

In order to support this, George’s mum Emily had to quit her job to become a full time carer. The family were advised that George would require an intensive 8 month course of chemotherapy followed by maintenance chemotherapy that would last 2 years. For the first few months of treatment George needed to be at a hospital located 45 miles away from their home in Lincolnshire, 3 times a week for his chemotherapy. The implications of this, with Emily not being able to work and being unsure of how they would financially cope, caused an incredible amount of added stress and worry for the family.  

Earlier this year though George’s Aunt, applied to the General & Medical foundation on the family’s behalf, requesting a grant to assist with the cost of travel.

The grant was quickly approved and we at the General & Medical Foundation have been working with them ever since.

Emily said “To know that we would be receiving this financial support was such a relief to us at what has been the most difficult time, both emotionally and financially.

I wasn’t aware that the G&M Foundation offered this kind of support but can’t express enough how grateful we are and what a difference the funding has made to us.”

After missing most of his final year of primary school, George was thrilled to start at secondary school in September as planned and has loved being back with his friends.

Unfortunately his chemotherapy has been delayed again as George developed a rather severe limp and pain in his leg which has since been diagnosed as Avascular Necrosis of the left femoral head. He has been referred to an orthopaedic surgeon for further assessment but they are hopeful that it has been caught early enough and by stopping the steroids and resting his leg surgical intervention will be avoided.

The General & Medical Foundation aims to help people who have been affected by medical conditions or disabilities by providing financial support for their medical needs and equipment to help aid lives.

We are welcoming applications from individuals who want to apply for a grant* to help them acquire equipment or treatment that would aid them in their daily activities. If you know of a friend or family member who would benefit from this grant please ask them to contact us at or please click here to apply online.

*All applications for grants are subject to eligibility.

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