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How to apply for a grant

We welcome applications from UK-based organisations and individuals resident in the UK who are in need of financial assistance to aid and improve the activities of daily living for people with medical conditions or disabilities.

All grant proposals must be made in writing. Proposals must explain in detail how the grant will be used and put forward a strong case or support. In particular, the proposal must:

  • Demonstrate how the activities funded by the grant will benefit the intended beneficiaries and advance one or more funding priorities.
  • Set out how the grant will be managed.
  • Give detail of the key individuals who will be responsible for the management of the grant and delivering the proposed activities, or equipment.
  • Provide a budget for the proposed activities or equipment.
  • Give detail of any other funding that has been awarded or that is being sought for the activities/equipment to be funded by the grant.
  • If requested, include medical evidence that the proposed activities are suitable.

Grant applications will be considered by the Trustees of the General & Medical Foundation, and applicants will be informed as soon as possible after receipt of their application whether or not they have been successful. The process can take up to six weeks (though it is often much sooner than this). If you make an application, please be patient we will get back to you with our response as soon as we can.

Please Note: We are unable to accept applications from outside the UK.

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Please complete our application form to be considered for the grant. Help us to help you.

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