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Tractor tyres, hay bales and swimming in muddy rivers

Tractor tyres, hay bales and swimming in muddy rivers

Last weekend, a group of employees at General & Medical Healthcare successfully completed the 10k Insane Terrain obstacle course at Washbrook Farm Doddington, raising money for The General & Medical Foundation.

The team embraced the several challenging obstacles which included, swimming through swamps, wading through thick muddy dykes and clambering over huge hay bales and tractor tyres. By the end of the race, there wasn’t a clean or dry patch on them and their physical fitness had been truly been tested!

As a result of their fantastic efforts over £500 has been raised which will go towards supporting those whose lives have been adversely affected by disease, illness or injury.

If you would like to show your support you can still donate to the team here

Insane Terrain

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